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  1. good (substantive; general, or specific sense unclear)
  2. good (attributive; general, or specific sense unclear)
  3. good (inverted attributive, nominal referent; general, or specific sense unclear)
  4. good thing, one (abstract); goodness (substantive; referent: abstract concept)
  5. The Good (substantive; referent: the Transcendent First Principle)
  6. act of good(ness); good deed (substantive)
  7. goods, possessions (substantive; singular or specified determination; context: belongings)
  8. goods, possessions (substantive; plural determination; context: belongings)
  9. goods (substantive; context: consumption)
  10. good (thing); i.e., blessing, sacrament (substantive)
  11. good things, blessings (enjoyed by a saved soul in heaven) (plurale tantum) (substantive)
  1. good one, person (substantive; general, or specific sense unclear)
  2. good (attributive; general, or specific sense unclear)
  3. good (inverted attributive, attributive referent)
  4. the good (abstract); goodness
  5. good one (epithet of divine being)
  6. good one (epithet of God the Father)
Hagarene (descendent of Hagar, the mother of Ishmael, therefore Arab)
  1. angelic (of or pertaining to a benevolent supernatural being) (attributive)
  2. angelic (of the monastic way of life) (attributive)
  1. messenger, envoy (general, or specific sense unclear)
  2. angel (referent: benevolent superhuman being)
  3. angel (inverted attributive, nominal referent; referent: benevolent superhuman being)
  4. angel (attributive: referent: benevolent superhuman being)
  5. angel (referent: superhuman being, disposition unclear)
  6. angel (referent: malevolent superhuman being)
  7. emissary (referent: image of the divine Adam)
  8. s.o.'s (guardian) angel (believed to assume the likeness of his ward) (referent: benevolent superhuman being)
  9. "angel" (of a sanctuary/monastery) (referent: the saint of a locus sanctus, often specifically in his capacity as intercessor before God)
person of the market, merchant
indistinguishable, undivided (describes the nature of a celestial hypostasis or of an Aeon)
  1. aerial, stratospheric; that which gives passage through the stratosphere (substantive)
  2. aerial, stratospheric; that which gives passage through the stratosphere (attributive)
  1. air (general, or specific sense unclear)
  2. haze; gloomy or murky air
  3. weather, climate
  4. air (referent: the lower atmosphere)
  5. air (attributive; referent: the lower atmosphere)
  6. air (referent: the lower atmosphere, dwelling-place of demons)
  7. air (name of a disease)
  1. prize
  2. contest (the process needed to undergo in order to receive salvation)
Athena (the Greek goddess)
in the Egyptian language (attributive)
  1. perception (general, or specific sense unclear)
  2. (one of the) senses, physical sense-perception
  3. (object of) sensation, physical sense-perception
  4. emotion, feeling
  5. perception (quality or property of God)
  6. perception (benevolent celestial hypostasis; an aeon)
divine wrath (Eschatological, i.e. concerned with punishment of sinners and / or the sinful cosmos)
to investigate thoroughly, to get the precise knowledge of
  1. change, exchange
  2. (public) duty, forced/corvée labor (imposed by the Caliphate on local Egyptian tax communities)
alpha (first letter of the Greek alphabet)
ⲁⲙⲉⲣⲓⲙⲛⲉⲓⲁⲁⲙⲉⲣⲓⲙ, ...
(document of) discharge (designating a settlement of division of property/inheritance, or a receipt of payment, thus releasing the other party from its obligations)
  1. netherworld, hades, hell
  2. west (realm of the dead)
the god Amun
  1. rising, inundation (of the river Nile)
  2. ascension
ascension, rapture (of the risen Christ)
  1. to rest, take repose (object: none; i.e., find liberation from the cosmos)
  2. to rest, take repose in
  3. to give s.o. rest (in the afterlife) (object: person)
  1. rest, repose
  2. repose, rest (referent: release from the cosmos)
  3. repose, rest (referent: celestial hypostasis; an aeon)
  4. repose, rest (attributive; referent: celestial hypostasis; an aeon)
  5. offering made on behalf of s.o.'s soul
to rise from the dead
one pertaining to the resurrection (of Christ) (substantive)
  1. resurrection
  2. resurrection (celestial hypostasis; an aeon)
  3. resurrection (celestial hypostasis; an aeon) (attributive)
  4. Easter-Sunday, the day of resurrection
  1. the East, the Orient
  2. rise, ascent
  3. rise, ascent (to God)
  4. shoot, sprout
  1. report (an official statement of facts)
  2. canon, anaphora (part of the liturgy)
  1. to endure, put up, bear, persist (object: none)
  2. to endure, put up with, bear with s.o.
  3. to endure, put up with, bear with
  4. to endure, be patient in the face of
  5. to wait (object: reflexive; lit.: to restrain oneself)
  6. to tarry, delay (object: none)
  7. to tarry, delay doing (object: act, deed)
  8. to suffer, allow, let s.o. do (object2: act, deed)
  9. to dare, allow oneself to do
  10. [error] to sue for (ἐνάγω is meant)
  11. to do/put forth
  12. to accept, agree
  13. to accept, agree to do (with infinitive)
  1. to approve, consent (object: none)
  2. to approve, consent to
  3. to allow s.o. to do (object2: act, deed)
  4. to endure, be patient in the face of
the lot of humanity (euphemism for death) (substantive)
  1. to break the law, act lawlessly
  2. to break the law, act lawlessly towards s.o.
the god Anubis
  1. plaintiff, accuser; adversary
  2. adversary (appellation for the devil)
  1. Adversary (substantive; referent: the Devil)
  2. diabolical, malevolent, adversarial (attributive)
ⲁⲛⲧⲓⲕⲉⲓⲙⲉⲛⲟⲥⲁⲛϯⲕⲉⲓⲙⲉⲛⲟⲥ, ...
  1. diabolical, malevolent, adversarial one
  2. Adversary (referent: the Devil)
the god Onuris
  1. first-fruit(s)
  2. 'first-fruit' (re: the annual rent collected from villagers leasing land from the monastery, whose management is holding individual monks - perhaps themselves leasing the land from the monastery and then subleasing it to the villagers - liable for collecting and delivering the rent by means of contracts and 'asphaleia'-guarantees, framed from the perspective of the monastery and the individual monk respectively)
  3. 'first-fruit' (inverted attributive; nominal referent)
  4. beginning
juice of the calamus
juice of the calamus
  1. restoration, return (of Christ to heaven)
  2. restoration, return (advent of a new cosmos for the saved)
  1. Apollon (the Greek god)
  2. (statue of) Apollon (the Greek god)
  1. apostolic thing; a synod (substantive)
  2. apostolic (epithet of the church; attributive)
  1. apostolic one (epithet of St. Athanasius; substantive)
  2. apostolic (epithet of the Faith; attributive)
  3. apostolic (attributive)
  1. emissary, sent person (general, or specific sense unclear)
  2. apostle (of Jesus)
  3. apostle (of Jesus) (attributive)
  4. apostle (of Jesus) (inverted attributive, nominal referent)
  5. apostle (of Jesus) (referent: Paul)
  6. apostle (of Jesus) (inverted attributive, nominal referent; referent: Paul)
  7. (book of) the Pauline Letters
  8. Apostle (an excerpt from the Pauline Epistles)
  9. Apostle (of Light) (in Manichaeism)
  1. to reject s.o.('s claim)
  2. to reject s.o. because of (in breach of contract) (object 2: reason for breaching the agreement)
baptismal renunciation (of the devil)
juice of the calamus
  1. number, unit
  2. sum, total
  3. number, ranks, fold (of a group)
  4. numeri, Book of Numbers (the fourth book of the Torah)
  1. banquet, feast, dinner (substantive; referent: event)
  2. banquet, feast, dinner (inverted attributive, nominal referent)
  3. banquet speech, dinner speech
  4. food, meal (referent: the thing(s) eaten)
  1. to deny (object: none)
  2. to reject, deny, disown s.o.
  3. to reject, deny, disown
  4. to renounce, deny (object: faithfulness, constancy (to the monastic federation))
  5. to reject, deny, disown s.o. before s.o.
  6. to reject, deny that (object: clause; dependent statement)
  7. to (treacherously) deny to s.o./to cheat s.o. out of
Artemis (the Greek goddess)
  1. to begin (intransitive: to be started)
  2. to begin (transitive: to start; object: none)
  3. to begin to do (specific sense and/or object unclear)
  4. to begin to do (object: act, deed)
  5. to begin, be the start of (object: set, group, category)
  6. to begin from (trans.)
  7. to be prior, superior to (object: metaphysical principle)
  8. to rule (object: none)
  9. to rule over s.o.
  10. to rule over s.o./ through (object2: source of authority)
  11. to rule over
  12. to rule from X until Y (stars; object: space of time)
  1. source, origin, beginning (referent: place (in a metaphorical sense, too))
  2. source, principle of (object: content)
  3. beginning, start (referent: point of time)
  4. beginning, birth (referent: point of time)
  5. first day (of the month)
  6. original state
  7. source, principle (of everything; the heavens and cosmos, etc.)
  8. source, principle of (of everything; the heavens and cosmos, etc.)
  9. fore, first, prime (attributive)
  10. end, corner (of a talisman)
  11. beginning (of a text)
  12. (documentary-like) beginning
  13. rule (general, or specific sense unclear)
  14. head, ruler, chief (figurative)
  15. domain, empire (realm over which one's sovereignty extends)
  16. office, public authority
  17. principality (member of class of benevolent heavenly beings)
  18. principality (member of class of malevolent rulers of the cosmos)
  19. primacy (of angels in heaven)
  20. principle, element
  21. branch, source (of a river); river
  22. at the beginning (of the indiction)
  1. originator, founder
  2. chief, ruler, sovereign
  3. chief, leader (of the Manichaean Church)
  4. chief, ruler (malevolent superhuman being)
  1. high priest
  2. high priest (of the Jews)
  3. high priest (of Melchizedek)
  4. high priest (Jesus Christ, the Savior)
  5. high priest (of Peter)
commander(-in-chief) of the army
leader of the synagogue
  1. ruler
  2. nobleman, notable
  3. nobleman, notable (attributive)
  4. nobleman, notable (inverted attributive, nominal referent)
  5. official, clerk, magistrate
  6. official, clerk, magistrate (inverted attributive; nominal referent)
  7. ancient one, old one
  8. archon (benevolent superhuman being)
  9. archon (malevolent superhuman being)
  10. archon (malevolent superhuman being; inverted attributive, nominal referent)
  11. archon (malevolent superhuman being; inverted attributive, attributive referent)
  12. archon (superhuman being; disposition unclear)
  13. Archon (i.e., the "big one" - a demiurge)
  14. Archon (i.e., the "big one" - a demiurge; inverted attributive, nominal referent)
  15. ruler, leader (of an Israelite tribe)
  1. to greet, welcome, embrace, kiss s.o.
  2. to greet, welcome, embrace, kiss s.o. (object: reflexive)
  3. to greet, welcome, embrace, kiss
  4. to greet, welcome, embrace, kiss (object: metaphor for honored recepient of letter)
  5. to kiss s.o.
  6. to kiss s.o. on (object2: body part)
  7. to kiss s.o. with (with the mouth of the kisser)
  8. to kiss
  9. to worship (object: none)
  10. to worship
  11. to kiss s.o. (to give the kiss of peace)
  1. greeting, embrace
  2. kiss (the kiss of peace)
  3. aspasmos (type of song)
enhanced (lit.: "more secure") declaration of indebtedness (comparative form indicates additional security for the creditor provided by the addition of a mortgage purchase)
ⲁⲥⲫⲁⲗⲓⲁⲁⲥ, ...
  1. (document of) guarantee (substantive; re: guarantee to pay or work for s.o., a superior or, most often: the creditor in a declaration of indebtedness))
  2. (document of) security/guarantee to pay or work/perform a task for s.o. (mostly: the creditor in a declaration of indebtedness) (attributive)
  3. "guarantee" (re: strangely not a declaration of indebtedness but a deed of sale)
the god Atum
mouthless (not speaking the language)
linen ("colour of the sky")
  1. arrogant, stubborn one
  2. arrogant, stubborn one (appellation for the malevolent demiurge)
  3. arrogant, stubborn one (inverted attributive, nominal referent)
  4. arrogant, stubborn one (inverted attributive, attributive referent)
  5. arrogant, stubborn (attributive)
  1. self-generated (substantive; epithet for divine beings)
  2. self-generated (attributive; epithet for divine beings)
  3. self-generated (substantive; re: divine transcendent character)
  4. self-generated (attributive; re: divine transcendent character)
  5. Self-Generated One; Autogenes (substantive; a benevolent celestial being, an aeon)
  6. self-generated one, being of the Autogenes (substantive; something with affinity to the αὐτογενής subdivision of the Barbelo aeon)
  7. self-generated (attributive; aeonic)
  8. self-generated one, being of the Autogenes (inverted attributive, nominal referent; a benevolent celestial being, an aeon)
  1. emperor (of the Roman empire; rendering Lat. imperator)
  2. of the emperor, imperial (attributive)
  1. invisible one (substantive)
  2. invisible (attributive)
  3. invisible (inverted attributive; attributive referent)
  4. the Invisible One (substantive; referent: divine transcendent character)
  5. invisible (one) (referent: divine transcendent character of Jesus Christ)
  1. abyss, depth, deep
  2. abyss, depth, deep (inverted attributive; nominal referent)
  3. (personal) depth
  4. height (a particularly far-off celestial realm)
  5. height, depth, abyss, deep (appellation or quality of the transcendent First Principle)
  1. baptist, baptizer
  2. baptist (part of title "John the Baptist," etc.)
the god Baal
the god Bes
  1. helper, aide
  2. helper in, under, at (object: specific time, circumstances)
  3. deputy, assistant
  4. deputy, assistant (inverted attributive, attributive referent)
  5. helper (of divine being or agent)
  6. helper of, for s.o. (of divine being or agent; object: mortal)
  7. helper of, for s.o. (of bishops)
  8. helper, aide (of Adam) (i.e., Eve, the first woman)
the outside
Brahmin (member of the caste of Brahmins)
ⲃⲱⲕ ⲛⲙⲧⲱⲃⲱⲕ ⲛⲧⲙⲧⲱ
go to the depths, founder
ⲃⲱⲗ ⲉⲃⲟⲗ--
  1. loosening, slackening, solution (of the Fast)
  2. release, pardon
  3. annulling (of magic, demons)
  4. weakening, feebleness
  5. laxity, dissoluteness, unrestraint
  6. dissolution (= death)
  7. destruction (of the world)
ⲅⲁⲍⲟⲫⲩⲗⲁⲕⲓⲟⲛⲅⲁⲍⲟⲫⲩⲗⲁϭⲓⲟⲛ, ...
  1. treasury (of the temple of Jerusalem)
  2. collection box, alms box (in the temple of Jerusalem, for the temple treasury)
  3. cash, funds (of a group)
(seed from the) caper-plant
  1. generation, age (persons or generation of the present age in question)
  2. generation, age (persons or age posterior to the person or age in question)
  3. offspring, descendants
  4. offspring
  5. race, kind
  6. race, kin (by blood)
  7. race, group (epithet for the elect)
  8. race, group (aeon of the pre-existent souls of the elect)
  9. race, group (inverted attributive, nominal referent; referent: epithet for the elect)
  10. race, group (epithet for the non-elect)
  1. lot, fortune, fate
  2. Genesis (first book of the Old Testament)
  1. class, kind, sort, species (of living things)
  2. class, kind, sort, species (of non-living things)
  3. class, kind, sort, species (of abstractions)
  4. race, species (of human beings)
  5. race, species (of superhuman beings)
  6. race, species (attributive; of superhuman beings)
  7. family, lineage, kin
  8. race, ethnicity
  9. people, nation
  10. (religious) group, race (of Christians)
  11. (elect) race, species (epithet for elect [or non-elect] group)
  12. (elect) race, species (attributive; epithet for elect [or non-elect] group)
  13. (elect) race, species (inverted attributive; epithet for elect [or non-elect] group)
  14. class, kind, genus (one of the logical differentiae)
Gerasene (from the city of Gerasa) (substantive)
  1. giant
  2. giant (attributive)
  3. giants (i.e., the Nephilim)
  4. (Book of the) Giants (title of canonical work by Mani)
  1. scribe
  2. scribe (attributive)
  3. scribe (heavenly scribe)
  4. scholar of the (Mosaic) law, scribe
  1. list, catalogue
  2. Scripture (i.e., Holy Scripture; singular)
  3. the Scriptures (i.e., Holy Scripture; plural)
  4. (a line of, part of, citation of Holy) Scripture
  5. writing(s) (of Mani)
ⲅⲣⲁⲫⲟⲟⲩⲉⲅⲣⲁⲫⲁⲟⲩⲉ, ...
  1. the Scriptures (i.e., the Old Testament; always plural)
  2. writing(s) (of Mani)
  1. demon, spirit (disposition unclear)
  2. demon, spirit (malevolent)
  3. demonic (attributive; malevolent)
  4. demon (inverted attributive, nominal referent)
  5. demon (of (demon in charge of, demonic representative of
  6. demon (incarnated in human form)
  7. demon (celestial judge of souls)
  8. demon (inverted attributive, nominal referent; referent: celestial judge of souls)
  9. demon, i.e. the Devil
  10. (the) Demon, (the) Devil (The Devil, chief of demons)
woman who suffers the fate of the Danaädes in Greek tragedy
  1. and, so, then, for (marking shift in narrative, or change in subject; introducing new content)
  2. but, on the other hand, nonetheless (adversative)
  3. for (explanatory, where one would expect γάρ)
  4. especially, in particular, even (emphatic)
  5. and...: (marking a list or set)
  1. meal, dinner, supper, banquet
  2. (the Last) Supper
  3. (spiritual) meal (in honor of saints etc., in encomia)
lord, master (at the end of a speech)
secondly, in the second place
  1. creator (of the universe)
  2. (second) demiurge (creator of the universe)
  3. creative (attributive; of cosmic beings)
publicly, in the open
  1. diabolical deed, devilry (substantive)
  2. diabolical, of the devil (attributive)
  1. (The) Devil (Satan)
  2. (The) Devil (Satan) (attributive)
  3. (lesser) devil, demon
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