Scriptorium tag: N
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 1. (En) going round, turning, circuit
(Fr) circulation, tournant, circuit
(De) Kreislauf, Wende, Kreis
Bibliography: CD 127ab?; KoptHWb 71?
 2. (En) twist, knot
(Fr) lacet, noeud
(De) Windung, Knoten
Bibliography: CD 127b?; KoptHWb 71?
 3. (En) crookedness, guile
(Fr) malhonnêteté, ruse
(De) Korruptheit, Tücke
Bibliography: CD 127b?; KoptHWb 71?
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Note on Greek forms: Forms given are unnormalized, attested, and checked orthographies in the DDGLC corpus. The material from DDGLC is a work-in-progress, not a finished publication. This release is strictly preliminary.

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