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  1. besides, next to (locative)
  2. beyond, more than, compared to (comparative)
  3. beyond, besides, in addition to, apart from (partitive)
  4. contrary to, in opposition to (adversative)
  5. in reference to, with respect to; deriving from
  6. minus
  7. nearly, but, just
  8. instead of, in place of, in exchange for
  9. from
one who is contrary to, in opposition to (adversative)
  1. to pass by, to go past, to bypass (object: none)
  2. to pass, go by (of time) (object: none)
  3. to pass s.o. by, to bypass s.o.
  4. to pass by, to go past, bypass
  5. to pass before s.o. with
  6. to visit, pass through (object: none)
  7. to visit/pass through somewhere (object: place)
  8. to visit, encounter s.o.
  9. to solicit, bother s.o.
  10. to befall, visit upon s.o. (subject: negative event)
  11. to sue s.o.
  12. to sue s.o. for (object2: subject of dispute)
  13. to leave, move along, go away (object: none)
  14. to leave/depart (euphemism for dying) (object: none)
  15. to leave/depart from s.o. (euphemism for dying) (object2: person)
  16. to pass away, to come to an end (referent: world; object: none)
  17. to pass into (object: place)
  18. to pass into, be transformed into (object: state)
  19. to put forth
  20. to lead astray, to pervert, to influence s.o.
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