Scriptorium tag: V
 1. (En) bearing, producing
(Fr) créant, engendrant
(De) hervorbringend, erzeugend
Bibliography: CD 185b?; KoptHWb 101?
Example usage: (automatically extracted, use with caution and report bad examples)
  • ϩⲉⲛⲇⲣⲁⲕⲱⲛ ⲁⲩϭⲱⲗⲡ ⲉⲃⲟⲗ ⲛⲛⲉⲩⲉⲕⲓⲃⲉ ⲁⲩⲧⲥⲅⲕⲉ ⲛⲉⲩⲙⲁⲥ ⲛϣⲉⲉⲣⲉ ⲇⲉ ⲙⲡⲁⲗⲁⲟⲥ ⲁⲩϣⲱⲡⲉ ⲉⲙⲛⲡⲉⲧⲛⲁ ϩⲁⲣⲟⲟⲩ ⲛⲧϩⲉ ⲛⲟⲩϫⲁϫ ϩⲓⲡϫⲁⲓⲉ GIMEL. Nay, serpents have drawn out the breasts, they give suck to their young, the daughters of my people are incurably cruel, as an ostrich in a desert. 25_Lamentations_4 (urn:cts:copticLit:ot.lam.coptot:4)
  • ⲡⲉⲧⲙⲟⲟⲛⲉ ϩⲛⲛⲉⲕⲣⲓⲛⲟⲛ ϣⲁⲛⲧⲉⲡⲉϩⲟⲟⲩ ϫⲱⲕ ⲁⲩⲱ ⲛⲧⲉⲛϩⲁⲓⲃⲉⲥ ⲕⲙⲧⲟⲩ ⲕⲟⲧⲕ ⲛⲧⲟⲕ ⲡⲁⲥⲟⲛ ⲛⲅⲧⲛⲧⲱⲛⲕ ⲉⲩϭϩⲟⲥ ⲏ ⲉⲩⲙⲁⲥ ⲛⲉⲓⲟⲩⲗ ϩⲓϫⲛⲛⲧⲟⲩⲉⲓⲏ ⲛⲉⲓⲁ Until the day dawn, and the shadows depart, turn, my kinsman, be thou like to a roe or young hart on the mountains of the ravines. 22_Song of Solomon_2 (
  • ⲉⲣⲉⲡⲁⲥⲟⲛ ⲧⲛⲧⲱⲛ ⲉⲩϭⲁϩⲥⲉ ⲁⲩⲱ ⲉⲩⲙⲁⲥ ⲛⲉⲓⲟⲩⲗ ϩⲓϫⲛⲛⲧⲟⲟⲩ ⲛⲃⲁⲓⲑⲏⲗ ⲉⲓⲥ ϩⲏⲏⲧⲉ ⲛⲧⲟϥ ϥϭⲱϣⲧ ϩⲓⲡⲁϩⲟⲩ ⲛⲧⲛϫⲟ ϥϭⲱϣⲧ ⲉⲃⲟⲗ ϩⲛⲛϣⲟⲩϣⲧ My kinsman is like a roe or a young hart on the mountains of Baethel: behold, he is behind our wall, looking through the windows, peeping through the lattices. 22_Song of Solomon_2 (

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