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  1. generation, age (persons or generation of the present age in question)
  2. generation, age (persons or age posterior to the person or age in question)
  3. offspring, descendants
  4. offspring
  5. race, kind
  6. race, kin (by blood)
  7. race, group (epithet for the elect)
  8. race, group (aeon of the pre-existent souls of the elect)
  9. race, group (inverted attributive, nominal referent; referent: epithet for the elect)
  10. race, group (epithet for the non-elect)
  1. class, kind, sort, species (of living things)
  2. class, kind, sort, species (of non-living things)
  3. class, kind, sort, species (of abstractions)
  4. race, species (of human beings)
  5. race, species (of superhuman beings)
  6. race, species (attributive; of superhuman beings)
  7. family, lineage, kin
  8. race, ethnicity
  9. people, nation
  10. (religious) group, race (of Christians)
  11. (elect) race, species (epithet for elect [or non-elect] group)
  12. (elect) race, species (attributive; epithet for elect [or non-elect] group)
  13. (elect) race, species (inverted attributive; epithet for elect [or non-elect] group)
  14. class, kind, genus (one of the logical differentiae)
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