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  1. authority, power, right
  2. authority, power, right (inverted attributive, nominal referent)
  3. authority, power over s.o.
  4. authority, power over
  5. authority, power over s.o., so as to (object2: purpose clause)
  6. authority, power over, so as to (object2: purpose clause)
  7. authority (to act) on behalf of s.o.
  8. power, strength, might
  9. power, strength, might (inverted attributive, nominal referent)
  10. (seat of) authority, (place of) authority
  11. domain (sphere in which power is exercised)
  12. domain (inverted attributive, nominal referent; sphere in which power is exercised)
  13. officials, authorities, government
  14. authority, official (attributive)
  15. power, authority, dominion (quality or property of God)
  16. Power, Authority (heavenly being; benevolent)
  17. Power, Authority (heavenly being; malevolent)
  18. Power, Authority (heavenly being; malevolent; inverted attributive, nominal referent)
  19. Power, Authority (heavenly being; disposition unclear)
  20. Power, Authority (a ghost; soul of a dead person)
to have authority to do (object: act, deed)
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