Scriptorium tag: N
 1. (En) eating, food
(Fr) nourriture
(De) Essen, Speise
Bibliography: CD 479a?; KoptHWb 271?; DELC 232b?; ChLCS 67a?
Example usage: (automatically extracted, use with caution and report bad examples)
  • ⲙⲁⲗⲓⲥⲧⲁ ϩⲟⲉⲓⲧⲉ ϩⲓⲡⲣⲏϣ ϩⲓⲕⲗⲁϥⲧ · ⲁⲩⲱ ϣⲁϩⲣⲁⲓ ⲉⲟⲩⲉⲗⲁⲭⲓⲥⲧⲟⲛ ⲛ ϩⲛⲟ ⲛ ⲟⲩⲱⲙ · Most of all clothes and robes and hoods. And down to the least of things of eating. To Thieving Nuns (urn:cts:copticLit:besa.thieving.monbba)
  • ϫⲉⲙⲡⲣⲧⲣⲉⲩⲣϩⲁⲗ ⲙⲙⲱⲧⲛ ϩⲛⲟⲩⲱⲙ ⲙⲛⲟⲩⲥⲱ · ⲏ ϩⲛⲟⲩⲙⲉⲣⲟⲥ ⲛϣⲁ ⲏ · ⲛⲥⲟⲩⲟⲩⲁ · ⲏ ⲛⲥⲁⲃⲃⲁⲧⲟⲛ · ⲛⲁⲓ ⲉⲧϣⲟⲟⲡ ⲛϩⲁⲓⲃⲉⲥ · ⲛⲛⲉⲧⲛⲁϣⲱⲡⲉ 'Do not let yourselves be deceived with eating, and drinking, or with the share at the festival, or with new moons, or with sabbaths, which shall be a covering for the things that take place.' Instructions of Apa Pachomius in MERC.AR in Budge ed. - part 1 (urn:cts:copticLit:pachomius.instructions.budge:1-34)
  • ⲱ ⲡⲉⲃⲓⲏⲛ ⲙⲡⲉⲡⲟⲩⲱⲙ ⲙⲛⲡⲥⲱ ⲉϣⲛⲁϩⲙⲉⲕ ⲙⲡϩⲟⲟⲩ · ⲉⲧⲃⲉⲟⲩ ⲙⲡⲉⲛⲉⲭⲣⲏⲙⲁ ⲛⲧⲙⲛⲧⲣⲙⲙⲁⲟ ⲧⲟⲩϫⲟⲕ ⁛— ⲛⲥⲉⲣⲟⲩⲕⲟⲩⲓ ⲛⲑⲉⲣⲁⲡⲓⲁ ⲛⲁⲕ · O miserable man, eating and drinking shall not deliver thee this day. Why will not the possessions of riches deliver thee, I and work healing to a small degree on thee? Encomium on Victor part 3 (urn:cts:copticLit:pscelestinus.encomium.budge:56-103)

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