Scriptorium tag: V
 1. (En) seize, take
(Fr) saisir, prendre
(De) fassen, (er)greifen, nehmen, packen
Bibliography: CD 825b-827a?; CED 334?; KoptHWb 463?; DELC 345?; ChLCS 109a?
 2. (En) take captive, arrest
(Fr) arrêter, capturer
(De) festnehmen, verhaften
Bibliography: CD 826a-827a?; KoptHWb 463?; DELC 345?; ChLCS 109a?
 3. (En) begin
(Fr) commencer
(De) anfangen, beginnen
Bibliography: CD 826a-827a?; KoptHWb 463?
Example usage: (automatically extracted, use with caution and report bad examples)
  • ⲁⲩⲱ ⲛⲧⲉⲩⲛⲟⲩ ⲛⲉⲧⲟⲩⲁⲁⲃ ⲧⲏⲣⲟⲩ ⲛⲁϯ ⲙⲡⲉⲩⲟⲩⲟⲓ ⲉϩⲟⲩⲛ ⲉⲣⲟⲟⲩ ⲡⲟⲩⲁ ⲡⲟⲩⲁ ⲛⲁϭⲱⲡⲉ ⲛⲛⲉⲧⲉⲛⲟⲩϥ ⲛⲉ ⲟⲩⲟⲛ ⲛⲓⲙ · And straightaway all the saints shall rush forward towards them, and each one shall seize upon those that belong to him. Discourse on Abbaton part 2 (urn:cts:copticLit:pstimothy.abbaton.budge:22-54)
  • ⲁⲩⲱ ⲉϥⲙⲟⲕⲙⲉⲕ ⲙⲙⲟϥ ϫⲉⲉϥⲛⲁϭⲟⲡϥ ⲛⲁϣ ⲛϩⲉ · and he wondered by what means he could take him in a snare. History of Eustathius and Theopiste part 1 (urn:cts:copticLit:lives.eustathius.budge:1-30)
  • ⲁⲩⲱ ⲛⲥⲉⲛⲏⲫⲉ ⲉⲃⲟⲗ ϩⲛⲧϭⲟⲣϭⲥ ⲙⲡⲇⲓⲁⲃⲟⲗⲟⲥ ⲉⲩϭⲏⲡ ⲉⲃⲟⲗ ϩⲓⲧⲟⲟⲧϥ ⲉⲡⲟⲩⲱϣ ⲙⲡⲉⲧⲙⲙⲁⲩ . and they may recover themselves out of the devil's snare, having been taken captive by him to his will. 55_2 Timothy_2 (urn:cts:copticLit:nt.2tim.sahidica:2)

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