Scriptorium tag: N
 1. (En) trading, commerce
(Fr) commerce
(De) Handel
Bibliography: CD 590b?; ChLCS 81b?
Example usage: (automatically extracted, use with caution and report bad examples)
  • ⲕⲁⲓ ⲅⲁⲣ ⲁⲛⲛⲁⲩ ⲉϩⲁϩ ⲛⲣⲙⲙⲁⲟ · ⲉⲩⲥⲉⲩϩⲭⲣⲏⲙⲁ ⲉϩⲟⲩⲛ ϩⲛϩⲉⲛⲛⲟϭ ⲛϩⲓⲥⲉ · ⲙⲛϩⲉⲛⲙⲛⲧⲉϣⲱⲧ ⲉⲩⲕⲱⲧ ⲛⲁⲩ ⲛϩⲉⲛⲛⲟϭ ⲛⲏⲓ · ⲙⲛϩⲉⲛⲕⲧⲏⲥⲓⲥ · ⲙⲛϩⲉⲛⲟⲩⲥⲓⲁ ⲉⲛⲁϣⲱⲟⲩ · ⲙⲛϩⲉⲛϭⲱⲙ · ⲙⲛϩⲉⲛⲉⲓⲱϩⲉ · ⲙⲛⲟⲩⲁϣⲏ ⲛⲧⲃⲛⲏ · ⲙⲛⲟⲩⲁⲡⲟⲥⲕⲉⲩⲏ ⲉⲛⲁϣⲱⲥ · ⲙⲛϩⲉⲛⲛⲟϭ ⲛⲭⲣⲏⲙⲁ · ⲉⲩϫⲱ ⲙⲙⲟⲥ ϫⲉⲉⲛⲥⲱⲟⲩϩ ⲉϩⲟⲩⲛ ⲛⲛⲉϣⲏⲣⲉ · For we see very many rich men gathering together possessions with great toil and suffering, and merchants building large houses for themselves, and (collecting) possessions and substance in abundance, and gardens, and fields, and large numbers of cattle, and great quantities of household stuff, and very large sums of money, and they say that they are laying up a store for their children. Encomium on Victor part 2 (urn:cts:copticLit:pscelestinus.encomium.budge:32-55)
  • ⲥⲧⲁⲓⲏⲩ ⲛϭⲓⲧⲙⲛⲧⲉϣⲱⲧ ⲛⲧⲁⲅⲟⲣⲁ ⲛⲧⲉⲕⲕⲗⲏⲥⲓⲁ · Honourable is the merchandise of the market of the Church. Proclus Homily 23 On the Nativity in Budge ed. (urn:cts:copticLit:proclus.homily23.budge)
  • ⲁⲩⲱ ⲧⲉⲥⲙⲛⲧⲉϣⲱⲧ ⲙⲛⲡⲉⲥⲃⲉⲕⲉ ⲛⲁϣⲱⲡⲉ ⲉϥⲟⲩⲁⲁⲃ ⲙⲡϫⲟⲉⲓⲥ ⲛⲉⲩⲛⲁⲥⲟⲟⲩϩⲥ ⲛⲁⲩ ⲉϩⲟⲩⲛ ⲁⲛ ⲁⲗⲗⲁ ⲛⲛⲉⲧⲟⲩⲏϩ ⲙⲡⲉⲙⲧⲟ ⲉⲃⲟⲗ ⲙⲡϫⲟⲉⲓⲥ ϩⲛⲧϩⲓⲉⲣⲟⲩⲥⲁⲗⲏⲙ ⲧⲉⲥⲙⲛⲧⲉϣⲱⲧ ⲧⲏⲣⲥ ⲉⲟⲩⲱⲙ ⲉⲥⲱ ⲉⲥⲓ ⲉⲥⲩⲙⲃⲟⲗⲏ ⲛⲣ ⲡⲙⲉⲉⲩⲉ ⲙⲡⲉⲙⲧⲟ ⲉⲃⲟⲗ ⲙⲡϫⲟⲉⲓⲥ And her trade and her gain shall be holiness to the Lord: it shall not be gathered for them, but for those that dwell before the Lord, even all her trade, to eat and drink and be filled, and for a covenant and a memorial before the Lord. 23_Isaiah_23 (urn:cts:copticLit:ot.isa.coptot:23)

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