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  1. to object (object: none)
  2. to object that (object: dependent clause)
  3. to object to (object: content)
  4. to contradict s.o. (object: person)
  5. to object to s.o. doing (object2: action objected to)
  6. to argue against s.o. (object: person)
  7. to speak out against s.o. concerning (object2: text)
to learn by heart (object: text)
  1. source, origin, beginning (referent: place (in a metaphorical sense, too))
  2. source, principle of (object: content)
  3. beginning, start (referent: point of time)
  4. beginning, birth (referent: point of time)
  5. first day (of the month)
  6. original state
  7. source, principle (of everything; the heavens and cosmos, etc.)
  8. source, principle of (of everything; the heavens and cosmos, etc.)
  9. fore, first, prime (attributive)
  10. end, corner (of a talisman)
  11. beginning (of a text)
  12. (documentary-like) beginning
  13. rule (general, or specific sense unclear)
  14. head, ruler, chief (figurative)
  15. domain, empire (realm over which one's sovereignty extends)
  16. office, public authority
  17. principality (member of class of benevolent heavenly beings)
  18. principality (member of class of malevolent rulers of the cosmos)
  19. primacy (of angels in heaven)
  20. principle, element
  21. branch, source (of a river); river
  22. at the beginning (of the indiction)
ⲁⲩⲑⲉⲛⲧⲏⲥⲁⲑⲩⲉⲛⲧⲏⲥ, ...
original (of a text, used as if = αὐθεντικός) (attributive)
a bird [named in magical text with hawk and pelican]
  1. covenant, compact, agreement
  2. covenant, compact (between God and humans, neither Old nor New Covenant)
  3. (the Old) Covenant (the Old Covenant, between God and Israel)
  4. (the New) Covenant (the New Covenant, between God and His chosen ones)
  5. covenant, compact (inverted attributive; nominal referent)
  6. covenant, compact, testament (in the form of a book or text)
  7. testament, will (substantive)
ⲉⲛⲇⲱⲝⲟⲛⲉⲛⲇⲟⲕⲝⲱⲛ, ...
  1. praise, liturgy, adoration
  2. Praise, Liturgy, Adoration (title of a liturgical / incantatory text)
  1. gospel, good news (Christian; referent: message, abstract)
  2. Gospel (Christian; referent: book or work, a text)
  3. Gospel (title of canonical work by Mani)
  1. (a line of) text, passage
  2. section (demarcating a section in a text)
  3. speech, (act of) saying
  1. cross (for crucifying people)
  2. cross (the physical object to which Jesus of Nazareth was allegedly crucified)
  3. cross, burden, obligation (metaphor for service to the Church)
  4. (sign of the) cross (symbol, sign of the crucifixion)
  5. (sign of the) cross (attributive; symbol, sign of the crucifixion)
  6. cross (celestial object)
  7. cross (paratextual element indicating the end of the text)
  8. (altar) crucifix (the physical object in altars, churches, etc.)
  1. place, space
  2. place, space (inverted attributive; nominal referent)
  3. point, place, passage (of text)
  4. (holy) place (could designate churches, shrines, or monasteries)
  5. shrine, sanctuary
  6. church (referring to the physical building)
  7. church (specific physical building and its congregation)
  8. monastery, convent
  9. (heavenly) place, station (of rest)
  10. (heavenly) place, station (name for the demiurge)
  1. mark, wound, imprint (physical)
  2. shape, model, structure (abstract; that from which a copy is made)
  3. shape, model, structure, pattern (abstract; primordial model from which a metaphysically inferior copy is made)
  4. form, appearance, guise
  5. copy, duplicate (abstract; the copy made from a preexisting model)
  6. copy (re: a text copied from a Vorlage)
  7. symbol, cipher, type
  8. symbol, cipher, type, foreshadowing (terminus technicus of theological exegesis)
  9. type, kind, character
  10. type, kind, character (attributive)
  11. possibility, the means for s.o. to do (object2: purpose clause)
  12. example, role model (in a normative sense)
  13. religious law
  14. (a certain) person, character
  1. Amen (confirming statements)
  2. Amen (concluding prayers)
  3. Amen (concludes a text or segment of a text)
  4. truly (introduces statement by Christ)
ϩⲓⲥⲟⲛϩⲓⲥⲓⲟⲛ, ...
  1. copy, duplicate (of a text)
  2. equal (substantive)
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