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  1. to ask, demand (object: none)
  2. to ask, request of s.o.
  3. to ask for, demand s.o.
  4. to ask for, demand
  5. to ask from s.o.
  6. to ask for oneself from s.o. (object1: dativus ethicus; object2: person asked)
  7. to ask s.o. (for)
  8. to ask s.o. about
  9. to ask s.o. that (object2: direct statement (action))
  10. to ask s.o. (implied: for on behalf of s.o.
  11. to ask s.o. for s.o.
  12. to ask for (object: direct statement)
  13. to ask for (object: dependent clause)
  14. to ask s.o. to do (object2: purpose clause)
  15. to ask for, so that (object2: purpose clause)
  16. to ask for on behalf of s.o., so that (object3: purpose clause)
  17. to ask s.o. because of to do (object3: purpose clause)
  18. to ask, inquire s.o. of (object2: direct statement (content of question))
  19. to petition, pray to, entreat s.o.
  20. to ask for, demand (object: a celestial being to be emanated by a superior generative force)
  1. source, origin, beginning (referent: place (in a metaphorical sense, too))
  2. source, principle of (object: content)
  3. beginning, start (referent: point of time)
  4. beginning, birth (referent: point of time)
  5. first day (of the month)
  6. original state
  7. source, principle (of everything; the heavens and cosmos, etc.)
  8. source, principle of (of everything; the heavens and cosmos, etc.)
  9. fore, first, prime (attributive)
  10. end, corner (of a talisman)
  11. beginning (of a text)
  12. (documentary-like) beginning
  13. rule (general, or specific sense unclear)
  14. head, ruler, chief (figurative)
  15. domain, empire (realm over which one's sovereignty extends)
  16. office, public authority
  17. principality (member of class of benevolent heavenly beings)
  18. principality (member of class of malevolent rulers of the cosmos)
  19. primacy (of angels in heaven)
  20. principle, element
  21. branch, source (of a river); river
  22. at the beginning (of the indiction)
ⲁⲫⲱⲫⲁⲫⲟⲡⲓ, ...
who?, what?
a certain, whatever
furnace, oven
become many, multiply
branch of date-palm
  1. be insipid, foolish
  2. regard as foolish, despise
insipid, foolish
branch of date-palm [as a writing tool = "lanceola scriptoris"]
  1. night raven
  2. screech-owl
  1. bubble, well up
  2. pour forth, bring forth, rain down
cave, hole, den, nest
  1. shine, glitter
  2. hum, buzz
ⲃⲱⲗ (ⲉⲃⲟⲗ)--
  1. loosen (chains, cords), break (seal)
  2. unclose (womb)
  3. unfold (book)
  4. be melted
  5. release, terminate (fast)
  6. be dispersed, scattered (of dust)
  7. dissolve, nullify (drugs, magic)
  8. be loose (hair, sand)
  9. relax, annul (laws, legal deeds)
  10. absolve (sins)
  11. destroy
  12. resolve (difficulties), comte to terms
  13. pay (penalty)
  14. go to pieces, perish
  15. slacken, grow weak, faint
  16. be wearied
  17. be loosened, paralysed
  18. be released, die
  19. upset, unhinge (morally)
  20. be dissolute, loose (in conduct, doctrine)
  1. authority, power, right
  2. authority, power, right (inverted attributive, nominal referent)
  3. authority, power over s.o.
  4. authority, power over
  5. authority, power over s.o., so as to (object2: purpose clause)
  6. authority, power over, so as to (object2: purpose clause)
  7. authority (to act) on behalf of s.o.
  8. power, strength, might
  9. power, strength, might (inverted attributive, nominal referent)
  10. (seat of) authority, (place of) authority
  11. domain (sphere in which power is exercised)
  12. domain (inverted attributive, nominal referent; sphere in which power is exercised)
  13. officials, authorities, government
  14. authority, official (attributive)
  15. power, authority, dominion (quality or property of God)
  16. Power, Authority (heavenly being; benevolent)
  17. Power, Authority (heavenly being; malevolent)
  18. Power, Authority (heavenly being; malevolent; inverted attributive, nominal referent)
  19. Power, Authority (heavenly being; disposition unclear)
  20. Power, Authority (a ghost; soul of a dead person)
  1. word, saying, speech
  2. declaration, statement, announcement
  3. discourse, account, discussion
  4. (pronounce the) formula (injunction to pronounce formula, whether already understood or about to be given)
  5. (pronounce the) formula to/over (object: ritual device)
  6. rational human speech
  7. reason, rational thought (= Lat. ratio)
  8. discourse, treatise (title of a literary work)
  9. discourse, treatise (title of a literary work; inverse attributive, nominal referent)
  10. sermon, homily
  11. sermon, homily (title of a literary work)
  12. Word, i.e. Scripture
  13. divine reason, thought, discourse; logos!
  14. divinely rational, discursive (attributive)
  15. prophecy, oracle, revelation (from God to humanity)
  16. Word (preincarnate Son of God)
  17. Word (physically incarnate in the person of Jesus of Nazareth)
  18. Discourse, Word (benevolent celestial hypostasis; an aeon)
  19. Discourse, Word (inverted attributive, nominal referent; referent: benevolent celestial hypostasis; an aeon)
  20. account, reckoning
  21. promise, word
  22. promise (referent: ⲗⲟⲅⲟⲥ ⲙ-ⲡⲛⲟⲩⲧⲉ or similar documents)
  23. amount, sum
  24. worth, value (put on a person or thing)
  25. of arithmetic, ratio (attributive)
be many, numerous
  1. to pass by, to go past, to bypass (object: none)
  2. to pass, go by (of time) (object: none)
  3. to pass s.o. by, to bypass s.o.
  4. to pass by, to go past, bypass
  5. to pass before s.o. with
  6. to visit, pass through (object: none)
  7. to visit/pass through somewhere (object: place)
  8. to visit, encounter s.o.
  9. to solicit, bother s.o.
  10. to befall, visit upon s.o. (subject: negative event)
  11. to sue s.o.
  12. to sue s.o. for (object2: subject of dispute)
  13. to leave, move along, go away (object: none)
  14. to leave/depart (euphemism for dying) (object: none)
  15. to leave/depart from s.o. (euphemism for dying) (object2: person)
  16. to pass away, to come to an end (referent: world; object: none)
  17. to pass into (object: place)
  18. to pass into, be transformed into (object: state)
  19. to put forth
  20. to lead astray, to pervert, to influence s.o.
  1. to be persuaded, agree, consent (object: none)
  2. to be persuaded, agree, consent (in approaching a legal document, usually coupled with ⲟⲩⲱϣ) (object: none)
  3. to agree, consent with s.o.
  4. to listen to, obey, be persuaded by s.o.
  5. to be persuaded, agree, consent with s.o. about
  6. to be persuaded, sure, convinced of (object: content)
  7. to be persuaded, agree, consent to
  8. to be persuaded, agree, consent to do
  9. to agree with s.o. to do, to obey s.o. and do (object2: action agreed upon)
  10. to be persuaded that, agree with, consent to s.o. doing
  11. to persuade, appeal to s.o.
  12. to persuade, appeal to s.o. about
  13. to persuade, appeal s.o. to do (object2: purpose clause)
  14. to persuade, appeal to s.o. that (object2: dependent statement)
  15. to persuade, appeal to s.o. by means of, with recourse to
  16. to let s.o. come to an agreement, to bring about an agreement (between two parties)
  17. to satisfy s.o. with (object2: an oath sworn in a church)
  18. to satisfy s.o. with
  19. to seduce s.o.
  20. to believe in, trust in s.ο.
  21. to believe in, trust in
ⲡⲛⲉⲩⲙⲁⲡⲁ, ...
  1. spirit
  2. spiritual (attributive)
  3. spirit (inverted attributive; nominal referent)
  4. Spirit (of God) (epithet for the supreme Deity or His activity)
  5. Spirit (of God) (epithet for the supreme Deity or His activity; inverted attributive, nominal referent)
  6. spirit, breath, wind (creative, vivifying, or cosmogonic)
  7. inspiration, spirit (of prophecy, revelation, or vision)
  8. spirit (of Life; bestows salvation)
  9. spirit (property or manifestation of God; more specific sense unclear)
  10. spirit (benevolent superhuman being)
  11. spiritual (attributive; benevolent superhuman being)
  12. spirit (inverted attributive, nominal referent; benevolent superhuman being)
  13. demon, spirit (malevolent superhuman being)
  14. demon, spirit of (malevolent superhuman being; object: abstraction)
  15. Despised / Counterfeit / Opposing Spirit (malevolent superhuman being)
  16. spirit (superhuman being, disposition unclear)
  17. spirit, sense, feeling, essence of
  18. spirit, soul (of the dead) (post-mortem)
  19. wind
  20. windy, of wind (attributive)
  21. windy, superfluous, superficial (attributive)
  22. breath
  23. soul, mind, spirit (principle of mind and self)
  24. spirit (vivifying, as part of the human being; in opposition to ψυχή and/or σῶμα or σάρξ)
  25. spirit (attributive; vivifying, as part of the human being; in opposition to ψυχή and/or σῶμα)
  26. spirit (as opposed to ψυχή and/or σάρξ, σῶμα)
  27. consciousness, awareness, spirit (rational faculty in humans)
  28. life, breath, spirit (vivifying, animating; that which bestows life)
  29. fellowship, company, belonging
  30. person
  1. body
  2. body (attributive)
  3. body (inverted attributive, nominal referent)
  4. body (fleshly / material and so problematic)
  5. dead body, corpse
  6. bodily form, appearance, shape
  7. body, community (methphoric for a monstic comminuty; single member expressed by ⲙⲉⲗⲟⲥ)
  8. body (in opposition to πνεῦμα and/or ψυχή)
  9. (psychic) body (a body composed of ψυχή)
  10. (psychic) body (a body composed of ψυχή; inverted attributive, nominal referent)
  11. (spiritual) body (a body composed of πνεῦμα)
  12. body (of Christ, i.e. the Church)
  13. body (of Christ, in the form of eucharistic bread)
  14. body (of Christ, in the form of eucharistic water)
  15. body (of Christ, in general or unspecified)
  16. body (of God the Father)
  17. body (of the Holy Spirit)
  18. person, companion, fellow
  19. body ( that is stiff/solid)
  20. slave
  21. volume, cover (of a book)
ϯ ⲉⲛⲕⲁϣ--
hedge with reeds
  1. life, life-force
  2. soul, life (principle / substance of life)
  3. psychic, of soul (attributive)
  4. soul ("psychic" substance animating bodies, as opposed to πνεῦμα and/or σῶμα)
  5. soul ("psychic" substance animating bodies, as opposed to πνεῦμα and/or σῶμα; inverted attributive, nominal referent)
  6. soul ("psychic" substance animating bodies, as opposed to πνεῦμα and/or σῶμα; inverted attributive, attributive referent)
  7. (world-)soul (terrestrial hypostasis; an aeon)
  8. creature, created living being
  9. livelihood
  10. ensouled, animate (attributive)
  11. person, human being
  12. soul, mind (consciousness, inner self; seat of thought and action)
  13. attention, awareness
  14. (I greet you with all my [± heart and]) soul
  15. soul (context: salvation, post-mortem existence)
  16. soul (inverted attributive, nominal referent; context: salvation, post-mortem existence)
  17. soul (pre-existing before birth)
  18. soul (undergoing metasomatosis)
  19. soul, spirit (superhuman being)
  20. -self, oneself
  1. to profess, claim, declare (general, or specific sense unclear)
  2. to profess, claim, declare that (object: direct statement)
  3. to acknowledge, confess (object: none)
  4. to acknowledge, confess s.o.
  5. to acknowledge, confess
  6. to acknowledge, confess to s.o.
  7. to acknowledge, admit, confess that (object: dependent statement)
  8. to agree with s.o. (object: person)
  9. to agree with s.o. about (object2: thing agreed upon; dependent statement)
  10. to confess (object: none; context: theological)
  11. to confess s.o. (object: divine person)
  12. to confess s.o., that (object: divine person; object2: dependent statement)
  13. to confess before s.o. (object: God)
  14. to confess s.o. to be (object: divine person)
  15. to confess
  16. to confess, to admit that (object: dependent statement)
  17. to confess (object: direct statement)
  18. to promise
  19. to promise to do (object: purpose clause)
  20. to promise not to do (object: purpose clause)
  21. to promise s.o. that (object2: direct statement)
  22. to declare, agree with (object: content)
  23. to declare, to testify that (object: dependent statement)
  24. to declare, to testify by s.o. that (object2: dependent statement)
  25. to declare, to testify to s.o.
  26. to declare, to testify to s.o.
  27. to declare, to testify to s.o. in that (ob.2: deed, etc.; ob.3: content of deed, etc.)
  28. to declare, to admit to s.o. that (object 2: dependent statement)
  29. to declare by/in (implied object2: the contents of the entire document)
  30. to declare by/in that (object1: legal document; object2: direct statement)
  31. to declare by/in so that (...) (object1: legal document; object2: purpose clause)
  32. to declare, to testify, to confirm (implied: the contents of the document) (object: none)
  33. to declare, to testify, to confirm s. th.
  34. to declare, to testify, to confirm s. th. by (object2: mouth)
  35. to declare (introduces legal documents) (object: none)
  36. to give thanks for (object: ϩⲙⲟⲧ)
  37. to give thanks to s.o.
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