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ⲭⲣⲉⲓⲁϫⲣⲏⲁ, ...
  1. duty, purpose, use
  2. purpose, use of doing (object: conjunctive clause)
  3. purpose, use of, so that (object1: noun phrase, object2: result clause)
  4. need, want, necessity (specific sense unclear)
  5. need, want, necessity
  6. need, want, necessity (attributive)
  7. need of
  8. need to do (object: infinitive)
  9. thing needed by s.o.
  10. necessity/requirement for/(characteristic) of
  11. possessions, objects of utility
ⲭⲣⲉⲓⲁⲧⲉⲭⲣⲓⲁ, ...
  1. to need s.o.
  2. to need
  3. to be necessary to (object: purpose clause)
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