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  1. portion, share
  2. portion, share (of the devil; i.e., gentiles)
  3. portion, share (of the Lord, i.e. Israel)
  4. lot, fate
  1. part, share
  2. part, share (abstract)
  3. something partial, incomplete, not full
  4. piece, part (physical)
  5. piece, part (inverted attributive, nominal referent; physical referent)
  6. body part, limb
  7. part, individual (as opposed to a universal, whole)
  8. part, individual (attributive; as opposed to a universal, whole)
  9. allotment, allowance, share (of property/money owned or owed)
  10. party, side
  11. subject, plea, topic (of legal discussion)
  12. part, share (of salvation)
  13. part, share (elect group; those to be saved)
  14. region, area
  15. degree
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