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  1. blessed (substantive)
  2. blessed (attributive)
  1. blessed (general, or specific sense unclear)
  2. blessed (attributive; general, or specific sense unclear)
  3. blessed (inverted attributive, attributive referent)
  4. deceased, the late, lit. blessed one
  5. deceased, late (lit.: blessed) ones = parents or other/earlier forebears (plurale tantum) (substantive)
  6. deceased, the late, lit. blessed (attributive)
  7. deceased, the late, lit. blessed (inverted attributive; attributive referent)
  8. blessed one (epithet of benevolent celestial agents, saints, and biblical figures)
  9. blessed (attributive; epithet of benevolent celestial beings)
  10. Blessed One (of human beings)
  11. Blessed One (benevolent celestial hypostasis)
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