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  1. to judge (object: none)
  2. to judge s.o.
  3. to judge between s.o.
  4. to decide's judgment, rule on
  5. to decide's judgment, rule on (figura etymologica)
  6. to judge with (reference to)
  7. to judge s.o. with (reference to)
  8. to judge with (reference to)
  9. to judge with (reference to) (figura etymologica)
  10. to choose, decide to do (object: act, deed)
  11. to sue s.o. to do (object: act, deed)
  12. to reckon, consider for oneself (object2: reflexive)
  13. to think s.o. to be (object2: dependent statement)
  14. to lead, rule (object: none)
  15. to condemn s.o.
  16. to condemn s.o. to
  17. to condemn s.o. for
  18. to prefer to do (object: act, deed)
  19. to separate, divide
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