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  1. to be clean
  2. purify from
  1. to cleanse, purify oneself (object: none)
  2. to cleanse, purify (object: none)
  3. to cleanse s.o.
  4. to cleanse s.o. of
  5. to cleanse, purify
  6. to cleanse, purify for s.o. (object1: ritual chamber; object2: magician)
  7. to cleanse, purify for s.o., so that (object1: ritual chamber; object2: magician; object3: goal of purification; dependent statement)
  8. to get (clean away) off
  9. to purge (oneself) (object: none)
  10. to cleanse, clean out, purge, expel s.o. (object: malevolent being)
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