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  1. to work, be active, have an effect (object: none)
  2. to work, labor (object: none)
  3. to act, be active, possess activity (object: none)
  4. to act, be active, possess activity in some manner
  5. to be able to do (object: inf.)
  6. to be engaged in
  7. to incite, instigate s.o., be at work in s.o., have an effect on s.o. (subject: superhuman being)
  8. to enable, drive s.o. (to do something)
  9. to control (object: malevolent superhuman being)
  10. to produce, make
  11. to have an effect on, work on
  12. to set s.o./ to
  13. to work, produce in s.o.
  14. to cause to do
  1. (divine) working, activity, action, operation
  2. influence, action (of astral powers)
  3. effect, influence (of malevolent superhuman entity)
  4. activity, power (malevolent superhuman being)
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