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doorman (?); title, only in Theban documents
ring, chain
  1. so, then, thus, therefore (summarizing, expressing consequence)
  2. so, then, thus (introduces apodosis)
  3. perhaps (marks hypothetical/unlikely scenario)
  4. then, so (used in questions; in second position)
  5. since, because, that (explanatory)
  1. to, for, according to, as regards
  2. for, in order to
  3. about, because of
  4. from, by means of
  5. towards, to
  6. against
  7. indicating debt or responsibility
  8. ethic dative
  9. distance of time (past or fut): until, since
  10. distance of place, separation, freedom from
  11. distributive
  12. comparison
  13. elliptic
  14. in adverbial expressions
  15. indicating direct obj.
  16. co-ordinating a second verb
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