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give someone a blow
  1. to explain to s.o.
  2. to demonstrate (as true), i.e., prove
  1. to honor s.o.
  2. to honor
  1. to honor s.o.
  2. to honor s.o. with
ⲧⲓⲙⲱⲣⲉⲓϯⲙⲟⲣⲓ, ...
to punish s.o.
  1. to be bold (object: none)
  2. to dare (implied: pursue legal action) (object: none)
  3. to dare, venture upon
  4. to dare do (object: infinitive or conjunctive clause)
  5. to dare do (object: asyndetic infinitive)
  6. to be reckless, out of line (object: none)
  7. to be reckless, out of line with / regarding s.o.
  8. to act scornfully towards s.o.
  9. to act against, attack, make attempt on s.o.
  10. to act against, attack, oppose (a legal document)
to dare do (object: infinitive or conjunctive clause)
  1. table
  2. table (of the poor: charitable institution of a monastery)
  3. altar (i.e., a table where religious acts are performed.)
  4. altar (from which a sermon is given)
to be nourished by
ⲧⲣⲓⲃⲉⲧⲣⲓⲃⲁ, ...
to rub, pound
  1. to be at ease, indulge in comfort (object: none)
  2. to be at ease with, indulge in, enjoy
  3. to delight, put s.o. to ease.
  4. to delight, put s.o. to ease by
  5. to spoil s.o.
  1. mark, wound, imprint (physical)
  2. shape, model, structure (abstract; that from which a copy is made)
  3. shape, model, structure, pattern (abstract; primordial model from which a metaphysically inferior copy is made)
  4. form, appearance, guise
  5. copy, duplicate (abstract; the copy made from a preexisting model)
  6. copy (re: a text copied from a Vorlage)
  7. symbol, cipher, type
  8. symbol, cipher, type, foreshadowing (terminus technicus of theological exegesis)
  9. type, kind, character
  10. type, kind, character (attributive)
  11. possibility, the means for s.o. to do (object2: purpose clause)
  12. example, role model (in a normative sense)
  13. religious law
  14. (a certain) person, character
  1. to make an impression, stamp (object: reflexive)
  2. to form, mould, sculpt s.o.
  3. to form, shape, mould
  4. to form, mould, sculpt as / into
  5. to symbolize, represent
  6. to put into writing
  1. to appear, manifest (object: none)
  2. to appear, manifest to s.o.
  3. to reveal, to show
  4. to reveal, to show to s.o.
to turn to, make use of one's imagination (i.e., to use one's lowest epistemological faculty in creative activity)
  1. illusion, phantasm, hallucination
  2. fantastic, imaginary (attributive)
  3. apparition, ghostly figure (i.e., not necessarily real)
  4. imagination, illusion, make-believe (lower level of cognition)
  5. faulty sense-impression; product of imagination, illusion
  6. belonging to a faulty sense-impression; imaginary, illusory (attributive)
  7. idol
  8. manifestation, form, appearance
  9. sign, image (natural phenomena?)
it is clear, it is obvious that (object: dependent statement)
  1. to be envious, bear ill-will (object: none)
  2. to envy s.o., bear ill-will towards s.o.
  3. to envy s.o., bear ill-will towards oneself (object: reflexive)
  4. to envy, bear ill-will towards (object: abstract noun)
  1. to be envious regarding, bear ill-will regarding
  2. to be envious of s.o.
  1. to care for/tend to s.o.
  2. to take care/be charged with the care of
  3. to maintain, keep in good repair
to study, work at
  1. to bear, carry s.o.
  2. to bear, carry
  3. to bear, have (object: inner property of the subject)
  4. to bear, have (object: praise or glorification)
  5. to be dressed (object: adverb)
  6. to wear (object: clothes or decor)
  7. to don, put on (object: clothes or decor)
  8. to don, put on (object: name of celestial being)
  9. to don, put ( on (object: part of the body)
  10. to wear (object: a body)
  11. to don, put on (ingressive; object: a body)
  12. to wear s.o. (object: being with whom identity is shared)
  13. to bear, carry (object: Christ; epithet for addressee of Christian letters)
to wear (object: clothes or decor)
  1. to flog, scourge s.o.
  2. to flog, scourge s.o. with
to understand
  1. light
  2. celestial body (i.e., star or planet)
  3. luminary (person as source of intellectual, spiritual or moral light, but not of divine status)
  4. luminary (inverted attributive, nominal referent; referent: person as source of intellectual, spiritual or moral light)
  5. Illuminator (epithet for teacher or savior of divine status)
  6. Illuminator (epithet for savior; inverted attributive, nominal referent)
  7. luminary (benevolent celestial being)
  8. luminary (benevolent celestial being; inverted attributive, nominal referent)
  9. luminary (referent: the four, Barbeloite luminaries)
  10. luminary (inverted attributive, nominal referent; referent: the four, Barbeloite luminaries)
  1. to let down, lower (object: none)
  2. to let down s.o. from
  3. to let down, lower
  4. to let down from
  5. to remove from s.o.
  1. hail, hail-storm
  2. hail of (metaphorical usage)
  1. to bridle
  2. to tie
cut into furrows, scratch
  1. to give, to grant s.o. to s.o.
  2. to give, to grant
  3. to give, to grant to s.o.
  4. to give, to grant (away)
  5. to give, to grant on behalf of s.o.
  6. to give, to grant to s.o. that (object2: result clause)
  7. to be gracious to, to be generous to s.o.
  8. to bestow grace on s.o. (context: salvation)
  9. to bestow grace on s.o. on behalf of s.o. (context: salvation)
to give, to grant to s.o.
ⲭⲁⲣⲧⲏⲥⲭⲁ, ...
  1. papyrus
  2. papyrus (attributive)
  3. (sheet of) papyrus
  4. document (substantive)
  5. of document (attributive)
  6. document for (of which it confers ownership)
  7. letter (substantive)
  8. document, first record (of historiographic character)
ⲭⲉⲓⲣⲟⲧⲟⲛⲉⲓⲭⲉⲓⲣⲟⲇⲟⲛⲉⲓ, ...
  1. to ordain s.o.
  2. to ordain s.o. as (object2: ecclesiastical rank)
  3. to elect, appoint s.o. (object: savior)
  1. to supply s.o.
  2. to supply s.o. with
  1. to use, make use (object: none)
  2. to use, make use of
  3. to use, make use of s.o. as
  4. to use, make use of as
  5. to feel (a sense of), to experience
  6. to treat, handle s.o.
ⲭⲣⲉⲓⲁϫⲣⲏⲁ, ...
  1. duty, purpose, use
  2. purpose, use of doing (object: conjunctive clause)
  3. purpose, use of, so that (object1: noun phrase, object2: result clause)
  4. need, want, necessity (specific sense unclear)
  5. need, want, necessity
  6. need, want, necessity (attributive)
  7. need of
  8. need to do (object: infinitive)
  9. thing needed by s.o.
  10. necessity/requirement for/(characteristic) of
  11. possessions, objects of utility
ⲭⲣⲉⲓⲁⲧⲉⲭⲣⲓⲁ, ...
  1. to need s.o.
  2. to need
  3. to be necessary to (object: purpose clause)
ⲭⲣⲉⲱⲥⲧⲉⲓⲭⲣⲉⲓⲱ, ...
  1. to be indebted, to owe (object: none)
  2. to owe (i.e., be obliged to do)
  3. to be indebted to s.o.
  4. to be indebted on s.o.'s behalf
  5. to owe (object: money)
  6. to owe to s.o.
  7. to owe it, be obliged to do (object: purpose clause)
  8. to owe it to s.o. to do (object2: action)
to act on behalf of , legally represent s.o. regarding
  1. to be furnished with, possess
  2. to use (implied: the object at hand however one wishes) (object: none)
  3. to use
  4. to use/deal with s.o.
  5. to apply (object: none)
  6. to apply (object: drug)
  7. to apply on/to (object: afflicted body part; sick person)
  8. to apply against (object: disease)
  9. to apply on at a certain time (object: afflicted body part)
  10. to apply on as (ob1: afflicted body part; sick person; ob2: dosage form)
  11. to apply to/on (object1: drug; object2: bodypart)
  12. to apply with (object: medical tool, i.e. pad, tampon, or with a drug/liquid)
  13. to apply as (object: dosage form, i.e. medical powder)
  14. to apply (at a certain time) (object: certain time)
  1. land (substantive)
  2. rural (attributive)
  3. land, country (i.e., nation)
  4. country, land, space (otherworldly)
  5. land, region, district
  6. countryside
  7. countryside (plurale tantum)
  8. (plot of) land
ⲭⲱⲣⲉⲩⲉⲭⲟⲣⲉⲩⲉ, ...
  1. to celebrate, praise, sing and dance (object: none)
  2. to celebrate, praise with s.o. (object1: subject)
  3. to celebrate, praise s.o. with s.o. (object: member of the Trinity; object2: subject)
  4. [error] to be intended for, i.e., aimed at/directed against (χωρέω is meant)
  5. [error] to be valid/binding, to grant (legal rights) (χωρέω or possibly χωρηγέω is meant)
  1. to inspire, encourage s.o.
  2. to supply, furnish s.o.
  3. to provide for s.o., bestow on s.o.
  1. to describe s.o.
  2. to contain, bound
  1. to contain, bound
  2. to be contained in
  3. to pass through, traverse
ⲯⲁⲗⲗⲉⲓⲯⲁⲗⲉ, ...
  1. to sing, make music (object: none)
  2. to sing, make music to s.o.
  3. to sing (a mocking song) against s.o.
  4. to sing, play (object: song, instrument)
  5. to sing, play before s.o. (object2: song)
  6. to sing (lit.: sing "with" (object: what is sung))
to blame s.o.
  1. to hesitate, delay (object: none)
  2. to hesitate, delay doing (object: verb of movement)
  1. to profit, benefit (object: none; formula always negative, with ⲛ-ⲗⲁⲁⲩ ("not at all"))
  2. to profit, benefit from
  3. to be good, beneficial, useful, of profit (object: none)
  4. to help, be good for, to be useful to s.o.
  5. to be good, useful, beneficial to (object: body part)
ⲱⲫⲉⲗⲉⲓⲥⲑⲁⲓⲟⲩⲫⲉⲗⲉⲓⲥⲑⲉⲓ, ...
  1. to benefit (object: none; formula always negative, with ⲛ-ⲗⲁⲁⲩ ("not at all"))
  2. to benefit from (object: source of benefit)
ⲱⲫⲉⲗⲓⲁⲟⲩⲫⲩⲗⲓⲁ, ...
  1. wellbeing/benefit/advantage of/for s.o.
  2. advantage, benefit (inverted attributive; nominal referent)
to consecrate, sanctify (object: physical object)
  1. to be put together by s.o.
  2. for s.o. to join, be added to the company of s.o.
  3. for to be added to
  4. to join s.o. to s.o.
  5. to join, put together
  1. to snatch, take away s.o.
  2. to snatch, take away
  3. to rapture s.o., take s.o. away to heaven
  4. to seize
  1. seven
  2. week (i.e., seven [days])
  3. weekday (one of seven)
  4. sevenness, sevenfold nature
  1. to put one's hope in s.ο.; to trust s.o.
  2. to place one's hopes upon; to trust
  3. to place one's hopes upon; to trust (object1: reflexive)
  4. to hope to do (object: inf.)
  5. to hope that (object: desired event)
  1. hope
  2. object of hope
  3. hope that happens (object: desired outcome)
  4. hope (celestial hypostasis; an aeon)
  5. hope, god (source of salvation)
  6. of hope (attributive)
to hope (that happens)
  1. to interpret, explain, understand
  2. to translate
  3. to translate as
  4. to translate from into as (object2: source language; object3: target language; object4: direct statement)
  5. to relate s.o., communicate, recount, put s.o. into words
  6. to relate, communicate, recount, put into words
to test s.o.
  1. leading, guiding (attributive)
  2. guiding principle (i.e., intelligence) (substantive)
  3. guiding principle (i.e., intelligence) (attributive)
  1. able, capable, potent (object: none)
  2. capable of doing, able to do (object: act, deed)
  3. capable of doing, able to do (object: change of state)
  1. to fall behind (in due payments)
  2. to fall behind s.o. with (object1: person owed a debt; object2: debt owed)
to explain
to narrate, relate, render an account of
  1. to profess, claim, declare (general, or specific sense unclear)
  2. to profess, claim, declare that (object: direct statement)
  3. to acknowledge, confess (object: none)
  4. to acknowledge, confess s.o.
  5. to acknowledge, confess
  6. to acknowledge, confess to s.o.
  7. to acknowledge, admit, confess that (object: dependent statement)
  8. to agree with s.o. (object: person)
  9. to agree with s.o. about (object2: thing agreed upon; dependent statement)
  10. to confess (object: none; context: theological)
  11. to confess s.o. (object: divine person)
  12. to confess s.o., that (object: divine person; object2: dependent statement)
  13. to confess before s.o. (object: God)
  14. to confess s.o. to be (object: divine person)
  15. to confess
  16. to confess, to admit that (object: dependent statement)
  17. to confess (object: direct statement)
  18. to promise
  19. to promise to do (object: purpose clause)
  20. to promise not to do (object: purpose clause)
  21. to promise s.o. that (object2: direct statement)
  22. to declare, agree with (object: content)
  23. to declare, to testify that (object: dependent statement)
  24. to declare, to testify by s.o. that (object2: dependent statement)
  25. to declare, to testify to s.o.
  26. to declare, to testify to s.o.
  27. to declare, to testify to s.o. in that (ob.2: deed, etc.; ob.3: content of deed, etc.)
  28. to declare, to admit to s.o. that (object 2: dependent statement)
  29. to declare by/in (implied object2: the contents of the entire document)
  30. to declare by/in that (object1: legal document; object2: direct statement)
  31. to declare by/in so that (...) (object1: legal document; object2: purpose clause)
  32. to declare, to testify, to confirm (implied: the contents of the document) (object: none)
  33. to declare, to testify, to confirm s. th.
  34. to declare, to testify, to confirm s. th. by (object2: mouth)
  35. to declare (introduces legal documents) (object: none)
  36. to give thanks for (object: ϩⲙⲟⲧ)
  37. to give thanks to s.o.
ϩⲟⲙⲟⲗⲟⲅⲓⲁϩⲟⲙⲟⲗⲅⲓⲁ, ...
  1. confession, declaration
  2. confession, declaration that (object: direct statement)
  3. confession of s.o.
  4. (document of) declaration
  1. to arm s.o. with
  2. to arm oneself with (object1: reflexive)
  1. to set apart, delimit s.o.
  2. to appoint, decree
  3. to appoint, decree, bestow, impose (implied: for/on s.o.) (object: a fine or punishment)
  4. to appoint, decree, bestow, impose for/on s.o. (object2: person receiving property, instructions, punishment etc.)
  5. to impose, inflict (a fine) on s.o. (object2: person being fined)
  6. to define, to determine (object: a fine or punishment)
  7. to set apart (implied: as designated property for s.o. else), make over (object2: direct statement [quoted act of making over])
  8. to set over s.o., to enclose or imprison s.o. with
  1. impulse, inclination, desire
  2. eagerness/enthusiasm for
  3. appetition (for knowledge and / or physical needs)
  4. anger
  5. vigor
  6. cue, timing
to flap (wings) in s.o.'s direction
to insult, abuse s.o.
  1. to sing (in praise) (object: none)
  2. to sing (in praise) to / for s.o.
  3. to sing (in praise) to / for s.o. to do
  4. to sing (in praise) to / for
  5. to sing (in praise) with s.o. to / for
  6. to sing (in praise)
  7. to sing (in praise) (object: figura etymologica)
  8. to sing (in praise) to s.o. (object: figura etymologica)
  9. to sing (in praise) in the presence of s.o.
  10. to sing (in praise) (object: direct statement (content of praise))
  1. to sing (in praise) (object: none)
  2. to sing (in praise) to / for s.o.
  3. to sing (in praise) to / for s.o. with s.o. (object: member of the Trinity; object2: subject)
to dictate
ϩⲩⲡⲏⲣⲉⲧⲉⲓϩⲏⲡⲉⲣⲉϯ, ...
  1. to serve (object: none)
  2. to serve, minister to s.o.
  3. to serve, support (object: abstraction)
ϩⲩⲡⲟⲅⲣⲁⲫⲉϩⲉⲡⲟⲅⲣⲁⲫⲏ, ...
  1. to subscribe to, agree with (object: content)
  2. to sign
  3. to sign (object: place in the document)
  4. to sign (object: none)
  5. to sign
  6. to sign on behalf of s.o.
  7. to sign on behalf of s.o.
  1. to be subjected (takes no object)
  2. to be liable to (object: a fine or punishment)
  3. to be liable (i.e., obligated) to prevent (object: negative purpose clause)
  1. to be a hypocrite, disingenuous, of two minds (object: none)
  2. to be a hypocrite, disingenuous about
  1. to hold out, endure, be patient (object: none)
  2. to hold out, endure, be patient until
  3. to endure, sustain for (a certain length of) time (object: time unit)
  4. to endure, be patient with s.o.
  5. to endure, be patient with
  6. to tolerate, put up with (object: infinitive)
  7. to endure for (the sake of) s.o.
  8. to hold out, endure, be patient for the sake of
  9. to hold out, endure, be patient, so that (object: purpose clause)
  10. to endure, be patient with, so that (object2: purpose clause)
  11. to wait for s.o.
  12. to wait for
  13. to wait for s.o., so that (object2: purpose clause)
  14. to stay, remain
  15. to stay, remain in (object: place)
  16. to tarry, lag behind (object: none)
to admonish, warn s.o.
to endure
  1. to be obedient, subservient (object: none)
  2. to be obedient to s.o. / (specific sense unclear)
  3. to be(come) obedient to s.o., to obey s.o.
  4. to be obedient to, to obey
  5. to be placed under
  6. to subject, subdue s.o.
  7. to place/subject to the rule of s.o.
  8. to be suffixed (object: none; of words)
  9. to be suffixed (object1: the sound; object 2: the prefixed word)
ϩⲩⲡⲟⲩⲣⲅⲉⲓϩⲉⲡⲟⲣⲅⲉ, ...
  1. to assist, help (object: none)
  2. to assist, help s.o.
  3. to assist, help s.o. with (object2: a task)
  4. to assist, help with/collaborate on
  5. to serve
  6. to serve, render sevice to s.o.
  7. to tend to, take care of s.o.
to perform, carry out as a service
pod (especially of carob)
to have authority to do (object: act, deed)
  1. be or become strong, firm
  2. be or become victorious
  3. confirm, strengthen
  4. goad
  5. defeat
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