Scriptorium tag: N
Known entity types:  
 1. permanence, preservation
ref: 1300 Bibliography: DDGLC
 2. moment of rest (prior to the emergence of intelligible Being)
ref: 1897 Bibliography: DDGLC
 3. leg, distance (between stops of a journey)
ref: 3480 Bibliography: DDGLC
 4. abode, home (heavenly place, station of rest)
ref: 1630 Bibliography: DDGLC
 5. monastery
ref: 4547 Bibliography: DDGLC
 6. abode, home (name for the demiurge)
ref: 11465 Bibliography: DDGLC
cf. Gr. (DDGLC lemma ID 3006) μονή  abiding, tarrying. noun (LSJ 1143b?; Preisigke 2:115?)
Example usage: (automatically extracted, use with caution and report bad examples)
  • ⲁⲩⲱ ⲓⲱϩⲁⲛⲛⲏⲥ ⲁϥϣⲁϫⲉ ⲙⲛⲡⲛⲉⲉϥ ⲙⲡϫⲟⲉⲓ ⲉϥϫⲱ ⲙⲙⲟⲥ · ϫⲉϯⲡⲁⲣⲁⲕⲁⲗⲉⲓ ⲙⲙⲟⲕ ⲡⲁⲥⲟⲛ ⲉⲧⲣⲕⲡⲉⲗⲕⲧϩⲏⲙⲉ ⲛⲙⲙⲁⲛ · ϫⲉⲕⲁⲥ ⲉⲕⲉϫⲓ ⲙⲙⲟⲛ ⲙⲡⲉⲥⲛⲁⲩ ⲉⲧⲙⲟⲛⲏ ⲛⲛⲉⲧⲉⲙⲉⲩⲛⲕⲟⲧⲕ · And John spake unto the captain of a ship, saying, 'I charge thee, my brother, to halve the fare in our case, for then thou wilt be able to take the two of us to the Monastery of the Sleepless Ones.' The Life of John the Kalybites part 1 (urn:cts:copticLit:lives.john_kalybites.budge:1-45)
  • ⲡⲇⲓⲁⲥⲧⲏⲙⲁ ⲅⲁⲣ ⲉⲧⲟⲩⲧⲱⲟⲩ ϣⲁϥⲣϩⲙⲉⲧⲏ ⲙⲟⲛⲏ · ⲙⲁⲗⲓⲥⲧⲁ ⲇⲁⲛⲓⲏⲗ ⲉϥⲙⲡⲉⲥⲏⲧ ⲙⲡϣⲏⲓ ⲉϥⲟ ⲛϩⲣⲉ ⲛⲛⲉⲑⲏⲣⲓⲟⲛ · though there was a difference between them—for one used to rule in the palace—especially the case of Daniel; when he was down in the pit (and was intended) to become food for the wild beasts, Instructions of Apa Pachomius in MERC.AR in Budge ed. - part 1 (urn:cts:copticLit:pachomius.instructions.budge:1-34)
  • ⲡⲉϫⲉⲡⲥⲟⲛ ⲙⲙⲟⲛⲁⲭⲟⲥ ⲛⲁϥ ϫⲉⲁⲛⲟⲕ ⲉⲓϣⲟⲟⲡ ϩⲛⲧⲙⲟⲛⲏ ⲛⲛⲉⲧⲉⲙⲉⲩⲛⲕⲟⲧⲕ · The monkish brother said unto him, 'I live in the Monastery of the Sleepless Ones.' The Life of John the Kalybites part 1 (urn:cts:copticLit:lives.john_kalybites.budge:1-45)

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