Scriptorium tag: N
Known entity types:  
 1. (En) serpent
(Fr) serpent
(De) Schlange
Bibliography: CD 740b-741a?; CED 306?; KoptHWb 405?; DELC 319b?; ChLCS 99a?
Example usage: (automatically extracted, use with caution and report bad examples)
  • ⲡⲉϫⲁϥ ⲛⲁⲥ · ⲉⲃⲟⲗ ϩⲛⲣⲱϥ ⲙⲡϩⲟϥ · ϫⲉⲉⲧⲃⲉⲟⲩ ⲛⲧⲉⲧⲛⲟⲩⲱⲙ ⲁⲛ ⲉⲃⲟⲗ ϩⲙⲡϣⲏⲛ ⲉⲧϩⲛⲧⲙⲏⲏⲧⲉ ⲙⲡⲡⲁⲣⲁⲇⲓⲥⲟⲥ ⲛⲧϩⲉ ⲛⲛϣⲏⲛ ⲧⲏⲣⲟⲩ · ϫⲉⲉⲛⲉⲥⲱⲟⲩ ⲛϭⲓⲛⲉϥⲕⲁⲣⲡⲟⲥ · And the Devil spake to Eve through the mouth of the serpent, saying, 'Why do ye not eat of the tree which is in the middle of Paradise, as ye do all of the [other ] trees, for the fruit thereof is good?' Discourse on Abbaton part 1 (urn:cts:copticLit:pstimothy.abbaton.budge:1-21)
  • ⲁⲩⲱ ⲧⲉϣⲡⲏⲣⲉ ⲧⲉ ϫⲉⲉⲛⲉⲥⲙⲓϣⲉ ⲟⲩⲃⲉⲛⲁⲓ · ϩⲛⲟⲩⲡⲁⲣⲁⲇⲓⲥⲟⲥ ⲡⲛⲉⲩⲙⲁ ⲉⲛⲧⲁⲡϩⲟϥ ϭⲙϭⲟⲙ ⲉⲁⲡⲁⲧⲁ ⲛⲉⲩϩⲁ ⲛϩⲏⲧϥ · And it is a matter whereat to marvel that she contended against these (men) in a garden — the place wherein the Serpent succeeded in leading Eve astray. On Susanna (urn:cts:copticLit:pschrysostom.susanna.budge:1-63)
  • ⲟⲩⲇⲉ ⲙⲛⲙⲁⲥϯⲅⲍ ⲛⲁϣϩⲱⲛ ⲉϩⲟⲩⲛ ⲉⲛⲉⲕⲙⲁ ⲛϣⲱⲡⲉ ⲕⲛⲁⲁⲗⲉ ⲉϩⲣⲁⲓ ⲉϫⲛⲟⲩϩⲟϥ ⲙⲛⲟⲩⲥⲓⲧ · ⲛⲅϩⲱⲙⲉ ϩⲣⲁⲓ ⲉϫⲛⲟⲩⲙⲟⲩⲓ ⲙⲛⲟⲩⲇⲣⲁⲕⲱⲛ · ϫⲉⲁϥⲛⲁϩⲧⲉ ⲉⲣⲟⲓ · ϯⲛⲁⲧⲟⲩϫⲟϥ · ϯⲛⲁⲣϩⲁⲓⲃⲥ ⲉⲣⲟϥ ϫⲉⲁϥⲥⲟⲩⲛⲡⲁⲣⲁⲛ · neither shall the evil draw nigh to thy habitation; Thou shalt go up upon the adder and the scorpion, thou shalt tread upon the lion and the serpent; Because he hath believed in Me I will deliver him, and I will protect him because he hath known My Name; Life of Pisentius part 3 (urn:cts:copticLit:lives.pisentius.budge:58-84)

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