FormDial.Form IDPOS Attestation
ⲁϫⲛ-SCF1297Präp. Status nominalis
ⲁϫⲛ-ACF1298Präp. Status nominalis
ⲁϫⲛ-LCF1299Präp. Status nominalis
ⲁϫϫⲛ-MCF1306Präp. Status nominalis
ⲁϫϫⲛⲧ⸗MCF1314Präp. Status pronominalis
ⲁϫⲉⲛ-FCF1302Präp. Status nominalis
ⲁϫⲉⲛⲧ⸗FCF1313Präp. Status pronominalis
ⲁϫⲛⲧ⸗SCF1307Präp. Status pronominalis
ⲁϫⲛⲧ⸗ACF1308Präp. Status pronominalis
ⲁϫⲛⲧ⸗LCF1309Präp. Status pronominalis
ⲁϭⲛⲉ-BCF31570Präp. Status nominalis
ⲁⲧϫⲉⲛ-FCF1303Präp. Status nominalis
ⲁⲧϫⲛ-SCF1304Präp. Status nominalis
ⲁⲧϫⲛⲉ-SCF1305Präp. Status nominalis
ⲁⲧϫⲛⲟⲩ⸗BCF1312Präp. Status pronominalis
ⲁⲧϭⲛⲉ-BCF31569Präp. Status nominalis
ⲁⲧϭⲛⲟⲩ⸗BCF1311Präp. Status pronominalis
ⲉϫⲛ-SCF1300Präp. Status nominalis
ⲉϫⲛⲧ⸗SCF1310Präp. Status pronominalis
Scriptorium tag: PREP
 1. (En) without
(Fr) sans, sauf
(De) ohne
ref: ἄνευ, χωρίς, παρέκ, παρεκτός, ἀ- Bibliography: CD 25b-26a?; CED 19?; KoptHWb 18, 492?; DELC 23?; ChLCS 6b?
Please cite as: TLA lemma no. C302 (ⲁϫⲛ-), in: Coptic Dictionary Online, ed. by the Koptische/Coptic Electronic Language and Literature International Alliance (KELLIA), (accessed yyyy-mm-dd).
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